A Friendly Reminder for Continuing Education for Your Electrician’s License

If you’re an electrical contractor, you have a lifetime of learning ahead of you. This industry is ever-changing and developing, and its professionals must learn and grow with it. To remain up to date, each commercial electrician in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex TX must complete the continuing education requirements for this field. Here’s what you need to know.

The requirements

For license renewal, electricians are required to complete at least four hours of continuing education. Those who must meet this requirement include master electricians, journeyman electricians, journeyman linemen, journeyman industrial electricians, residential wiremen, maintenance electricians, master sign electricians, journeyman sign electricians, apprentice electricians and apprentice sign electricians.

The coursework

Courses that are completed to meet the required four hours of continuing education must be from a registered Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) provider. If you take other courses that are not TDLR approved, these will not count toward the four-hour requirement.

Coursework that is taken for license renewal must cover the following key points:

  • National Electrical Code
  • Texas Electrician Law
  • Texas Electrician Administrative Rules
  • Electrical Safety per NFPA guidelines

Note that for the purposes of continuing education, 50 minutes of instruction time equals one hour of continuing ed.

How to meet the standards

Once you’ve completed a course, you should obtain a completion certificate from the provider within 15 days. Retain a copy of this certificate for at least one year for proof if requested by a TDLR inspector. If you do not receive this certificate after 15 days, contact the provider. If the issue is not resolved, contact TDLR directly.

What if I hold more than one license?

An electrical contractor in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex TX may worry that more licenses means more continuing education requirements. Fortunately, the four-hour requirement is not multiplied by the number of licenses you hold. You are only required to complete a total of four hours.

However, if your licenses renew at different times, keep in mind that the four hours must have been completed during the renewal period for each license. For example, if one license expires on May 1, 2021, all four hours of courses for that license must be completed between May 1, 2020 and May 1, 2021.

What if I’m an apprentice?

As mentioned above, apprentices also need to meet this continuing education requirement. However, the requirement can be fulfilled by taking four hours of continuing education or through enrollment in a registered electrical apprenticeship training course.

What if I’m an instructor?

Instructors of continuing education courses can get credit for the hours they teach. Keep in mind that credit is only given if you are present for the entire course. If you teach part of a course, you must attend the rest of the course to get credit.

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