The Most Common Electrical Hazards Around the Holidays

We’re in the thick of the holiday season, and while you’re likely focused on your upcoming celebrations and your holiday shopping, it’s also important to spend some time considering the safety of your home, particularly your electrical implements.

During the holidays, people add some extra strain to their electrical systems by bringing in additional holiday lights, blow-up decorations and other items. They’re also home a lot more with time off and will be doing more cooking and baking, meaning they’ll be putting their appliances to heavier use.

All of this extra load on your electrical systems can result in some additional hazards you should be aware of. Here’s some information from an electrical contractor in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex TX for you to consider.

Issues with holiday lights

Holiday lights are a great way to decorate your home indoors and out to get yourself in the spirit of the season. However, it’s important that you use them properly to avoid any potential safety risks.

For example, you should never place indoor lights outdoors. They are not the same and not interchangeable—there are special protections exterior lights have that interior lights do not.

When stringing up lights, inspect them carefully for signs of damage. If any of the wires are frayed or broken, or any of the bulbs damaged beyond repair or replacement, you should avoid stringing them up. Only use lights that have been certified for safe use by a certifying agency.

Once the holidays are over, do your best to get the lights down as quickly as possible to avoid potential overuse and other problems that could occur later. During the season, turn off the lights overnight or if you’re away from home—this will significantly reduce risks of overuse, including potential fires.

Avoiding electrical circuit overloads

As we mentioned at the top of the article, the holiday season is one of the biggest times of the year for circuit overloads, so it’s important that you be careful about what you’re plugging in, and where you’re plugging it in. With all the extra electrical items getting plugged in during the holidays, it can be easy to accidentally overwhelm your circuits.

When stringing holiday lights together, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the maximum number of strands you will combine, as any more could result in a circuit overload. Avoid relying too much on extension cords and power strips. Check your outlets or extension cords for signs of damage or overheating. If an outlet is warm to the touch, avoid using it. If you see any signs of burning or overheating around the outlet, get an electrician to visit your property as soon as you can to inspect the problem.

The issues that apply to residential settings also apply at the commercial sites serviced by C&F Electrical. To learn more about some of the simple steps you can take to protect your business from electrical issues during the holiday season, we encourage you to contact us today to speak with a commercial electrician in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex TX. We’d be glad to answer any questions you have for us!