Why Electrical Safety Should Be a Priority in Post-COVID-19 Planning

What’s next on the horizon? As each commercial electrical contractor plans for the coming year, safety must remain a top concern. As COVID-19 concerns continue, every licensed commercial electrician in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex TX should use this time to re-evaluate priorities and consider how the pandemic should influence future safety practices. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your post-COVID-19 planning.

PPE needs

PPE has become a household term. The need for personal protective equipment has grown, and commercial electrical contractors in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex TX should not expect the demand for it to diminish in the near future.
Since this equipment is essential to mitigate risk and minimize exposure to hazards, licensed commercial electricians in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex TX should plan ahead to ensure this equipment is well stocked. Keep inventory full, with plenty on hand in case demand spikes.

For electricians, PPE should go well beyond face masks. Post-COVID-19 planning must include all aspects of safety priorities. Important equipment to stock for electrical projects includes voltage-rated gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, safety shoes, flame-resistant clothing and hearing protection, in addition to face shields.

Hazardous equipment

Even if COVID-19 concerns become a thing of the past, licensed commercial electricians in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex TX must remain prepared for other hazards. In addition to maintaining a healthy supply of PPE, electricians should identify potentially hazardous equipment and take necessary precautions.

Inspect enclosures and other equipment and replace or repair as needed to ensure they operate optimally. Carefully evaluate all work environments for potential hazards and remove them or mitigate the risk as much as possible.

Safety education

A main facet of post-COVID-19 safety planning should be education. As was true before the pandemic, educating commercial electrical contractors in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex TX in appropriate safety measures is the best way to prevent accidents and injuries. Electricians can take advantage of this time of increased safety awareness to renew their focus on worker safety. Make this a key component of company culture through regular trainings, required protocols and ongoing messaging provided in newsletters or meetings.


One positive that may come out of the COVID-19 crisis is an increase in funds for safety measures. With heightened awareness and even greater emphasis on health, licensed commercial electricians in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex TX may be able to obtain greater funding for safety purposes. These funds can be used to overhaul safety programs, purchase updated equipment and provide additional safety training. On the other hand, if funds are limited, it is essential that these areas remain a top priority and are allotted the necessary amounts to keep the work environment safe for customers and employees.

We value safety

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