Stay Current on Routine Electrical Maintenance!

Commercial properties contain complex electrical systems and make larger demands on the grid. For that reason, they require routine electrical maintenance more often than residential properties. If you wish to keep equipment and computers running at your business in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX, finding a reliable electrical contractor is essential. Here are five reasons why you should maintain regular electrical services:

  • Prevent fires: Old, unmaintained electrical systems are more likely to produce sparks, and with them, fires. As your business likely places a larger demand on your wiring, it is a good idea to check it and make sure it does not disintegrate into dangerous territory. Fires lead to property loss, but also worker injury and insurance claims. It is less expensive and stressful to take a preventative approach to fires than deal with the aftermath.
  • Lower utility bills: If you update equipment without updating your electrical system, you will see it in your utility bills. As equipment makes new and more significant demands, it places pressure on your electrical components, which increases electricity use. You can save energy and utility budgets by maintaining and upgrading your system as demands on it increase.
  • Surge protection: Besides equipment, chances are your business also has computers, employee refrigerators, vending machines and other demands on electrical systems that you barely consider. If your older electrics short out and surge, it can take out all of these units, or at least reduce their life expectancy. Regular maintenance is preventative repair and allows your contractor to add surge protection or move high-demand rooms to their own fuses. That way, you can keep your business functioning and no longer worry about possible damage from power outages and surges.
  • Productivity: If your business experiences an outage due to an overtaxed electrical system, everything grinds to a halt. Without functioning equipment or computers, there is no way for employees to continue work. Sometimes, you can get things up and running with a quick trip to the fuse box, but other times, it leads to waiting for the electrician. In those cases, you either hold workers hostage on-site and pay them, or send them home. Either way, it is lost time and money.
  • Worker safety: Electric shock is a workplace hazard. If you do not maintain your electrical system, there is a chance that workers may sustain shock from handling fuse boxes or equipment. It may be a slight shock most of the time, but you also risk more substantial ones that injure workers and put you on record for workers’ compensation claims.

Sometimes, we all need a little help sticking to routine maintenance. We offer that assistance through our routine service contracts. Once you sign up, we visit every quarter to assess issues and make needed repairs. We check the exterior and interior lighting and wiring to make sure you remain operational!

C&F Electrical is an electrical contractor serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX. Contact us today to take advantage of a routine service contract and stay current on electrical services.