Remember Preventative Maintenance for Your Building’s Electrical Systems This Summer

It’s easy to take your building’s electrical infrastructure for granted. When it works, it just works, and there’s no need to think about it. But long-term quality and functionality requires preventative maintenance, just like other important elements of your building’s infrastructure.

A failure to prioritize commercial electrical service in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX over an extended period of time will significantly increase the likelihood of expensive repairs and inconvenient equipment failures and downtime. Plus, given the nature of electrical equipment, there could be enhanced safety risks on your premises if you do not take the appropriate steps to maintain it.

What’s more, any preventative maintenance schedule you employ needs to be custom-designed for the needs of your commercial building. Every facility is different, so you will need to take into account such factors as the type of business you operate, the age of the equipment on the premises, the geographical location, any changes made to system loads over the years, costs to business interruption, the environmental conditions in the business area, etc.

Here’s a quick look at some of the items that should be on your checklist for preventative electrical maintenance for commercial and industrial buildings in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX:

  • Power meters: All power meters should be functioning properly before you shut them down to maintain them.
  • Sensors and lights: Make sure all sensors, warning lights and indicators function properly.
  • Heat: Be on the lookout for signs of regular overheating and any issues that may need to be repaired or addressed to prevent or resolve this.
  • Battery quality: Take apart battery tripping packs to inspect for signs of battery integrity, corrosion or heat damage.
  • Transformers: Check all transformers on the property to make sure there are failsafe elements or immediate disconnectors that can be relied on in emergency situations.
  • Thermography: Conduct thermal imaging surveys with specialized equipment to analyze your electrical systems.
  • Overcurrent protection: Any transformers that are rated at more than 1,000 volts must have proper overcurrent protection.
  • Protection: Ensure all ground-fault and feeder short-circuit protection is installed at the proper size for your specific applications.
  • Machinery and moving parts: Carefully inspect all machinery and moving elements like elevators, platform lifts and other such equipment to make sure they are wired properly and that they’re receiving the proper voltage to operate effectively and safely.
  • Deterioration: Conduct simple visual inspections at control points and of visible wiring and electrical elements to look for any signs of deterioration or overheating. Be especially on the lookout for frayed or damaged wires.
  • Motor disconnects: Double check to make sure all of your motor disconnects are close to motors (as applicable) and that they can be easily accessed for maintenance purposes.

These are just a few examples of some of the most important steps owners of commercial or industrial buildings should take for preventative commercial electrical maintenance in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX. For more information, contact C&F Electrical with any questions you have about the services we offer our clients.