How to Know if Your Commercial Building Needs an Electrical Upgrade

A well-functioning power grid is essential to your business. Despite this, it’s possible you’ve never even thought about your commercial building’s electricity output and power needs. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you’re forced to confront some of your building’s power deficiencies.

In that case, you’ll soon be in the market for some commercial electrical upgrades. Modernizing and upgrading your commercial building’s electrical systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX should be considered if you’re experiencing any of the following issues.

The age of your building

If the building itself is multiple decades old, the design may not be able to accommodate all your company’s electrical needs. If your building was built before computers were used in almost everything, then there might not be enough power available to you, and you could invest in an upgrade.

Too many cords and not enough outlets

If your business is healthily growing, it’s possible that your electrical needs are growing as well. Before you realize it, you could be bogged down by a multitude of power strips and extension cords because you don’t have enough outlets to handle all your electronics. This may mean it’s time to upgrade your commercial building’s electrical systems.

Your lights flicker or shut off randomly

Flickering lights when a lot of electricity is being used can be an indicator that you’re overtaxing your power grid. If this is happening with the lights, it’s likely happening with other machines as well. This can be a problem if computers and computer-operated systems are being shut off in the middle of various processes, and it should spur you to look at commercial electrical upgrades.

You’re frequently tripping circuit breakers

Because commercial circuit breakers are designed to handle a much larger electrical load than residential circuit breakers, anytime they are tripped should be cause for concern. Though this could be industry-related, as all commercial buildings don’t serve the same functions, upgrading your circuit breakers or wiring as a whole could help you avoid repeatedly tripping circuit breakers.

You’re noticing hot spots

If you touch something like a light switch panel and it’s warm or hot to the touch, it could be indicative of a larger electrical issue. The cause could be short-circuiting in the wiring, and, as you can probably guess, having heat transferred to solid objects via electricity is a serious safety hazard. An inspection and upgrade could nullify this problem.

You smell a burning or pungent odor

This is the next logical step that could happen if you leave hot spots unchecked. A stinging or burning smell could mean that something’s either been melted by your wiring or a fire is brewing. Either way, this is not something you should ignore; you should investigate it immediately. After it’s taken care of and the (hopefully minor) damage is repaired, you should upgrade the commercial building electrical system.

Call for your commercial electrical upgrade today

If your building is experiencing any of these warning signs, then it’s time for a commercial electrical upgrade. Once you’ve decided to upgrade your electrical system, give us a call at C&F Electrical in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX. We have the knowledge and experience to outfit your business with the latest and greatest electrical upgrades, allowing you and it to not only function, but prosper.